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Hairy Crab -Company Gift Box Gift Set (6 Tool Pack)




  • About 3 Two Crab X3, About 3.5 Two Gong Crab X3
  • Packing with black gold gift boxes, please be pleasant for gifts
  • Each portion is attached toFour pieces of crab removal tools include: crab removal tools, crab vinegar, perilla leaves, ginger tea
  • Each portion is attached to the ice bag to keep the ice fresh
  • Each portion of the intimate crab teaching card

  • The hairy crabs sold in this shop are imported from imported hygiene certificates
  • The crab yellow is rich and mellow, and the hairy crabs sold are extremely high -choice
  • Only with cream, raising fierce feet
  • Because hairy crabs are natural products, they will cause different sizes due to factors such as seasonal climate harvesting, so the product may have a slight deviation. We will check the weight of hairy crabs regularly to ensure quality.

    All orders will be delivered according to the weight and gender selected by the customers. Before each shipment, there will be a special person to check to confirm whether the crab will only be alive. Customers cannot ask for observation and decision to buy in any way.

    All hairy crabs must be stored at 3-5 degrees Celsius after receiving the goods to edible to ensure that the crabs are fresh, and please eat on the day of receiving.

    Because hairy crabs are live products, we will only order to suppliers after receiving the order and send them to the warehouse before the delivery day of customers designated. As soon as you notify customers, the actual delivery date needs to be restricted according to the situation of the delivery. Please pay attention to the product description.

    If you fail to contact customers before shipping, our store has the right to cancel the order. The number/weight/supply of goods may be adjusted, and sometimes the goods are out of stock. If there is a shortage of stock, we will return the amount or difference of the out -of -stock goods within 24 hours on the day of delivery, and you can also choose the next delivery day to make up. Please note that due to the different processing time between payment providers, the refund may take up to 10 working days to display in your account.

    The hairy crabs sold by this shop ensure that they are "died and one", but the differences between limbs or appearance problems caused by transportation or other factors, etc., will not be returned. The "dead one" policy that is guaranteed to be based on the stock of the store at that time. Because hairy crabs are fresh goods, the inventory is tight. Instead of the price of the price, if there is a difference in the difference, customers need to make up the relevant difference. The "death one for one" supplement will be delivered according to the general delivery time. The next day will be delivered as soon as possible. Customers cannot ask for delivery of goods on the same day.

    "Visual inspection" involves personal subjective feelings and the size of the appearance cannot directly reflect the weight, and it will not accept the exchanges service because of the relevant statement. The weight quality of each crab will be different. Buy. If the customer has doubts about the weight of hairy crabs, please use the weight device that meets the specifications, or go to the public scales of the market.

    ** Due to the large extent storage method, the crab will only affect the survival status and quality. After the customer receives the goods, it should be checked immediately and completely cooked all hairy crabs and eat it. The contact stated that the quality or the crab dies will not be replaced by the relevant goods. All orders must be consumed on the day of the day. If it is eaten on the day of non -receiving and it is found that the crabs are dead and will not be accepted. It is recommended that customers book the delivery time early.

    ** Please note that if the customer chooses to pick up the goods from the point, you must check whether the crab you purchased before leaving is still alive and quantity. After the goods go out, you find that the crab is only dead and will not be accepted.

    ** If the crab is dead before cooking, the crab cannot be eaten.
    ** The weight contained in this page is the weight unit used in Hong Kong. After the shop takes the decimal point, it is converted to 37.5 grams per 両.
    If the customer has any questions or complaints about the food of the store, please contact our store. If the customer fails to report the relevant issues within 3 hours of receiving, the store will not accept it.

  • The picture is for reference only