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Hairy crabs - male crabs about 5 tael+ female crabs about 5 tael (3 pieces each)



  • Male crab is about 5 tael + female crab is about 5 tael (3 pieces each)
  • Packaged in a black and gold gift box, it is a decent and pleasant gift.
  • Each portion comes with 2 packs of crab removal tools, 4-piece package contains: crab removal tools, crab vinegar, perilla leaves, ginger tea
  • Each serving comes with an ice pack to keep it fresh
  • Each copy comes with a thoughtful instructional card for how to dismantle crabs.
  • Choose your own delivery date, use the date and time picker at checkout to reserve a delivery date

  • The hairy crabs sold in our shop all have health certificates issued by the place of import.
  • The crab roe is rich and mellow, and the hairy crabs sold are all the best.
  • Only with ointment, it is vigorous enough to be called
  • Since hairy crabs are natural products, their sizes may vary depending on factors such as seasonal climate, harvest, etc., so there may be slight deviations in the product. We will regularly check the weight of hairy crabs to ensure quality.

  • All orders will be sent according to the weight and gender selected by the customer. Before each shipment, a dedicated person will check whether the crabs are fresh. The dedicated person will select the hairy crabs from the batches of the same variety, weight and gender selected by the customer. And customers cannot ask for any way to observe in advance and decide whether to buy or not.

  • All hairy crabs must be stored at 3-5 degrees Celsius from receipt to consumption to ensure the freshness of the crabs. Please consume them on the day of receipt.

  • Since hairy crabs are fresh products, we will only place an order with the supplier after receiving the order and deliver it to our warehouse before the delivery date specified by the customer. If the product cannot be delivered on the specified date due to transportation by the supplier, we will Customers will be notified as soon as possible. The actual delivery date is subject to restrictions based on arrival conditions. Please pay attention to the product description.

  • If the customer cannot be contacted before shipment, the store has the right to cancel the order. Product quantity/weight/availability may be adjusted, and sometimes items may be out of stock. If there is a shortage, we will refund the amount or difference of the out-of-stock item within 24 hours on the day of delivery. You can also choose the next delivery day to make up for it. Please note that due to differences in processing times between payment providers, the refund may take up to 10 business days to appear in your account.

  • The hairy crabs sold in our store are guaranteed to be "replaced every time you die." However, if there are any broken limbs or differences in appearance caused by transportation or other factors, they will not be returned or exchanged. The guaranteed "one-for-one" policy is subject to our store's current inventory. Since hairy crabs are fresh goods and the inventory is tight, if our store cannot provide crabs of the same style and weight for return or exchange, customers can choose other equivalent crabs. If there is a price difference, the customer will need to make up for the price difference. Replenishment items for "One-for-one" will be delivered according to the normal delivery cut-off time, and will be delivered the next day at the earliest. Customers cannot request replenishment of the items on the same day.

  • "Visual inspection" involves personal subjective feelings and appearance size and cannot directly reflect the weight. We will not accept exchange services due to such claims. The weight and quality of each crab will be different, and the weight may also vary. If you mind, please Do not buy. If customers have doubts about the weight of hairy crabs, please use a scale that meets the specifications or go to a public scale in the market to weigh it. If the weight is indeed inconsistent, please take a photo of the weighing immediately and contact our store for follow-up.

  • **Since the storage method will greatly affect the survival and quality of the crabs, customers should check and count them immediately after receiving the goods and cook all the hairy crabs thoroughly and eat them within the same day. If the customer fails to contact our store within the day of receipt, If the contact indicates the quality or the crab is dead, the goods will not be returned or exchanged. All orders must be consumed on the day of receipt. If eaten on a day other than the day of receipt and the crab is found to be dead later, it will not be processed. Customers are advised to book a delivery time in advance.

  • **Please note that if customers choose to pick up the goods at a self-pickup point, they must check whether the purchased crabs are still alive and the quantity before leaving. If the crabs are found to be dead after the goods are shipped out, they will not be accepted.

  • **If the crab dies before cooking, the crab cannot be eaten.
  • **The weight stated on this page is the weight unit used in Hong Kong. Our store takes one decimal place and converts it to 37.5 grams per tael.
  • If customers have any questions or complaints about our food, please contact our store. If the customer fails to report the relevant issues within 3 hours of receiving the goods, our store will not accept it.

  • Pictures are for reference only