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Magic Love Potion Foundue Valentine's Day Set



    • Package Included:
    • Love Potion Cheese Fondue 12 Side Dishes (thick-cut bread, shredded noodles, broccoli, sausage slices, tomato, potato, mussels, pumpkin cubes, prawns, meatballs, cauliflower, ham)
    • Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad 1 lb
    • Vanilla Puffs 12 pcs
    • Exlibris Baco Moscatel do Douro (Muscatel wine) x1

    • Gruyere Cheese from Switzerland is a must-have material for traditional cheese pots
    • With 3 mixed cheeses selected by the chef, it is slightly salty and goes well with all ingredients
    • The classic cheese pot base must be mixed with white wine, and each serving comes with a "magic love potion" "LOVE POTION" that Deardeli chefs use magic and carefully selected white wine
    • Please prepare the magic cheese pot according to the steps in the attached teaching card, and you will fall in love with each other after eating it!
    • Add nutmeg and salt and black pepper according to taste
    • All the ingredients of the cheese fondue have been pre-processed by the chef, and can be eaten directly after the bottom of the cheese pot is adjusted
    • The set meal does not include the ceramic hot pot and ceramic plate in the picture, and the actual meal will use a disposable hot pot set + environmentally friendly oil tank
    • Notice! Alcohol is used in the production process, the amount will not make people drunk, please pay attention to those who are sensitive to alcohol
    • As this food requires guests to use fire, please take care of children and follow safety instructions
    • Pictures are for reference only