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Michelin star luxury Chinese banquet (18-20 people)




  • Package content:
  • Cold with Black Vinegar Slapped Cucumber and Fungus Shredded About 1.5 lbs
  • Sweet and honey runny radish (cold dish) about 4 lbs
  • Tianyueting x Celebrity Square Michelin Pan-fried Carrot Cake/Taro Cake 10pcs each
  • Signature Drunk Flying Chicken, about 3.5 lbs
  • Slow-cooked Huadiao Drunken Abalone 20pcs
  • Grilled Broccoli with Oyster Mushrooms about 3 lbs
  • Fugui Golden Fried Rice About 5 lbs
  • Three-color shredded chicken with sesame sauce and cold noodles, about 3 lbs
  • Jinhua ham broth Jinbai about 4 lbs
  • House of Gold (Grapefruit Fried Chicken Balls) about 4 lbs
  • Sea Cucumber Jasper Soup 4.5L
  • Classic orange peel red bean paste about 4.5L

  • Awarded Michelin for 12 consecutive years, Chef Cheng Kam-fu of Chef Cooperated with the brand "Tian Yue Ting" for the first time this year to jointly launch two Fu Gor's signature New Year cakes
  • "Fu Gor Lawei Taro Cake" uses fresh and rich taro, and uses a secret formula to keep the powdery and sweetness of the taro, making a taro cake with a dense texture. The aftertaste is endless.
  • Ingredients: fresh taro, water, dipped rice flour, corn flour, dried shrimp, Chinese sausage, scallops, sesame
  • "Fu Gor's Signature Carrot Cake" is made of selected fresh white radish sliced into strips, added with special flour paste, fried mushrooms, sausages, bacon, and dried shrimps until sweet and fragrant.
  • It can be steamed or fried. The sweetness of the radish and the rich filling can be eaten one by one. It is rich and delicious, which is unforgettable after a try.
  • Enjoy Michelin-rated delicacies at home without going out
  • Pictures are for reference only