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-- Our Core Dining Services --

Chef Catering Services

Chef Catering is a popular form of catering service in recent years. A professional chef team provides catering services to customers at places designated by customers.
The advantage of this service form is that customers can customize the menu according to their own needs and preferences, and can enjoy the cooking skills and on-site service of professional chefs.
The chef will present a very rich variety of dishes, including Chinese, Western, Japanese and various themed dishes, etc., and also provide exclusive wine matching services.
In addition to food, chefs can also provide on-site services, including cooking, serving, pouring wine, etc., so that customers can enjoy a more complete dining experience.

The chef's meeting is usually suitable for various occasions, such as family gatherings, business banquets, weddings and parties. It is a high-quality, convenient and personalized catering service, allowing customers to easily enjoy delicious food and noble treatment.

Various venues


Having a party at home is a comfortable and affordable option for spending quality time with family or friends. Hosting a party at home gives you more control over the pace and style of the party, arranging menus, music, events, and more according to your preferences and needs. It also saves you time and money by not having to pay for venue rental and service charges.
The home can be arranged according to different events, such as a birthday party can add atmosphere and decoration to the home, so that guests can feel the festive atmosphere.

Activity venue

Holding parties in the company can promote communication and cooperation among colleagues, enhance team cohesion and workplace atmosphere;
Holding parties in schools can let students relax, exchange feelings, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship ;
Holding a party in a private club can enjoy professional services and a luxurious environment, allowing you and your guests to feel high-quality enjoyment and experience.
Holding events in venues such as concerts, performance venues and movie shows can bring guests a more unique and rich experience.
Different venues can also provide different themes and atmospheres for events, such as school parties, company annual meetings, music festivals, and film premieres.

Outdoor Venue

Holding dinners, events and parties in outdoor venues is definitely an unforgettable experience.
Outdoor venues can provide more spacious space and beautiful natural scenery, making you and your guests feel happy and relaxed.
Whether it is suitable for outdoor venues such as gardens, beaches or parks, it can allow participants to enjoy pleasure and relaxation in a natural environment.
In addition, the activities in the outdoor venues are also diversified, such as barbecues, picnics, campfire parties and outdoor sports, etc., making the activities more rich and interesting.


A yacht is a luxurious and comfortable means of transportation as well as an ideal venue for events. When you hold an event on a yacht, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view and sunshine, unique sea style and romantic atmosphere.
The yacht is equipped with modern facilities and equipment, such as sound system, water sports equipment and bar, etc., to provide more convenience and fun.
At the same time, theme parties and food can also be arranged to make the event more memorable and bring more experiences and memories.

Banquet Occasion

Family Gathering

Having a party at home requires planning and preparation in advance, taking into account details such as cooking and serving. To ensure a successful and smooth party, you might consider hiring a professional such as a personal chef or server to assist you.

Our chefs can not only provide you with high-quality food, but also save you time and energy. You can choose the right menu and ingredients according to your taste and needs.
Frees you to focus on hosting and enjoying the party. We can also help you if you need further services such as furnishing.

If you are planning a party, Chef Deardeli will definitely help you.

Company Reception

Company reception is a social event within the company, usually held to celebrate festivals, anniversaries or important events of the company. The banquet of the reception usually provides multiple dishes and various drinks for the company employees and guests attending the meeting to enjoy. The type and quantity of dishes will usually depend on the budget and number of participants, and can include Chinese, Western or a mixture of cuisines. Most are held as light meals or light buffets.

Various interactive games and performances can also be held in the reception to enhance communication and interaction among employees. Therefore, it is an important occasion to strengthen the cohesion of the company and enhance the feelings of employees, which requires careful planning and arrangement. contact us now to let Deardeli prepares for you!

Event dinner

Food arrangements for brand events, social events, concerts, movie shows, performances, school events and various festival celebrations are definitely an integral part of the entire event.
It is recommended to make corresponding arrangements and preparations according to the scale and theme of the event. If the scale is small, you can choose to provide light food such as snacks, snacks, drinks, etc., so that guests can taste food while enjoying the performance or communication; if the scale is large, you can choose to provide buffet, barbecue, Western-style meals, etc., so that guests can Enjoy more colorful dining options.
No matter what the venue and theme, Deardeli can arrange the most appropriate catering service for you, so that you can enjoy the party with peace of mind.

Wedding Banquet

The food arrangement at the wedding banquet is a very important link. It not only concerns the image of the couple, but also directly affects the atmosphere and overall experience of the wedding banquet.
Arrange the dishes according to the tastes and preferences of the couple and guests, and provide a variety of choices, including meat and vegetarian combinations, Chinese and Western combinations, sweet and salty, and so on.
The quality and taste of the dishes are also very important. Choose high-quality ingredients and cooperate with skilled chefs to cook delicious dishes.
In addition to the dishes themselves, the service and table arrangement also need to be paid attention to. Choose tableware, flowers and arrangements suitable for the venue and theme of the wedding banquet, plus professional service personnel, to provide guests with warm and thoughtful service.
The food arrangement at the wedding banquet requires attention to detail and quality in order to create a beautiful and memorable wedding experience.

Dining Mode

Customized Banquet

Customized banquet is a common form of banquet for modern people. It is mainly a kind of banquet tailored according to the needs and preferences of guests.
Generally speaking, custom banquets need to be booked in advance so that the chef team has enough time to prepare ingredients and dishes.
The types and quantities of dishes for customized banquets are determined according to the requirements and budget of the guests. They can include various seafood, meat, vegetables and other ingredients, and the cooking methods and tastes can also be adjusted according to the tastes of the guests. In addition to dishes, customized banquets can also include carefully selected drinks and snacks.
Big banquet, birthday banquet, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion dinner, etc., customized banquets can not only meet the individual needs of guests, but also add unique characteristics and atmosphere to the banquet, becoming a An unforgettable banquet experience.


Buffets are a very popular way of dining. In a buffet, people can freely choose and take a variety of ingredients and delicacies according to their own tastes and preferences without being restricted by the menu.
Provide a variety of flavors and dishes, such as Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, etc., as well as various desserts, fruits, drinks, etc.
There are everything from appetizers, main courses, to desserts, and corresponding dishes will be added according to seasons and festivals.
Special themes, such as seafood buffet, barbecue buffet, festival theme, etc.
can satisfy people's taste buds, and can also provide more diversified eating experience and interaction, which are very suitable for use in various occasions.


Exquisite snacks, such as small sandwiches, biscuits, French fries, fruit tarts, cheese skewers, etc. This food does not require the use of utensils or knives and forks, making it very convenient to serve at gatherings, parties, social occasions.
It not only tastes delicious, but also can provide a variety of textures and flavors, so that people can enhance interaction and communication while enjoying food. This small and light food can not only satisfy people's taste buds, but also provide visual enjoyment. Presented in a beautiful way, people can enjoy the beautiful artwork while enjoying the food.

Outdoor BBQ

Outdoor BBQ is a very popular activity, usually in the open space, by the pool, or in the garden. You can enjoy the delicious barbecue food while enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature and feeling the comfort of sunshine and breeze. You can choose from different meats, seafood, vegetables, and more when preparing grilled meats. With the chef's skillful roasting method and spicy seasoning, it is definitely suitable for people who love to eat.

Special Service

Custom Menu

In the fast-paced modern life, people often overlook the importance of table rituals. The sense of table ritual is not only a kind of etiquette, but also a reflection of culture and lifestyle.
Customized menus allow guests to enjoy the whole meal as if watching a movie, anticipating each dish and following the steps of the chef.
Customized menu is a special service and needs to be prepared in advance. Please communicate with us about the theme and style, and the design team will make proper arrangements for you!

Table Setting

The table layout should not only pay attention to factors such as color, style, and material, but also choose according to different occasions and different groups of people. For example, on a romantic date, you can choose elements such as flower petals and candles to create a romantic atmosphere. In business dining, you can choose a simple and elegant style, which reflects a professional and high-end sense.

A good table arrangement can not only improve the quality and pleasure of dining, but also increase people's enthusiasm and joy for life.
This is a special service, and the required decorations may need to be ordered in advance, please contact us as soon as possible after confirming the theme style~

Ordering Process

Chef Catering is a personalized catering service. The ordering process is usually cumbersome and requires multiple communications and confirmations in advance. The following is the ordering process for the chef to attend the meeting:

The first step is to choose the service provider for the chef to attend the meeting, and choose the chef team that suits you. Deardeli chefs have many years of experience in cooking, and have hosted high-end banquets for wealthy families, brand receptions, and Poon Choi banquets for over a hundred people. Experienced, absolutely trustworthy!

The second step is to customize requirements and menus. Customers need to tell the chef team their needs, including the number of people, venue, time, types of dishes and tastes, and whether they need special services, such as wine pairing.

The third step is to confirm the order content and price. The chef team will customize the quotation according to the customer's needs and menu, and the customer needs to carefully confirm the content and price.

The fourth step, payment and reservation. Customers need to pay a certain deposit or full payment to confirm the reservation and determine the specific time and place of the event.

The fifth step, on-site service. The chef team will customize the on-site service according to the customer's needs and menu, including cooking, serving, pouring wine, etc., so that customers can enjoy a high-quality dining experience.

Contact us now to start your customized banquet ceremony!

Real Customer Evaluation

Very good! The suckling pig was eaten by the guests as soon as it appeared on the stage. The fat is sweet and crispy. The audience is looking forward to it! Many friends have asked me to contact the chef as prove that the customers are very satisfied!
There are not too many special requirements, the dinner provided by the chef is super satisfying! Every dish has a surprise!
I love this spaghetti with clam! I definitely can’t find this taste in person~! I will order this dish again next time! The deep-fried Changchun rolls are delicious~! The house has not professional equipment but still can prepared so many dishes! VERY GOOD~!!