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Enjoy free delivery for orders of HK$1000 and above. (Catering applicable to Delivery-To-Ground-Floor only; Extra transportation charge will be applied for remote area) The offer will be applied automatically at checkout.


Party Catering Services

You can never go wrong with Deardeli’s party catering! Our exclusive menus feature an impressive spread of Chinese and Western catering sets, scrumptious vegetarian meals, and seasonal delicacies. Take your pick from our mini party catering sets and crispy, mouthwatering finger food. As a go-to global cuisine caterer, Deardeli provides tailored party catering services for family get-togethers, friends' parties, conferences, and corporate events. Order now with the tap of a finger.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Far In Advance Should I Place My Party Catering Order?

We devote time and culinary passion to each order, so give us at least 2 days' notice. However, you would need to pre-order at least 10 days in advance around festive seasons, like New Year's Eve, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Also, be prepared for any pre-order cut-offs. At Deardeli, every party catering set is prepared impeccably to bring the best and tastiest dining experience to your table.

Note that all orders are officially confirmed only after payment. If the order cannot be fulfilled before you pay, we may not be able to proceed with your party catering order.

Online Orders

  • All orders cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed by Deardeli. No refunds are allowed.
  • Delivery to ground-floor is only applicable to locations where the vehicle can be parked free of charge in a housing estate or building. If the delivery location requires going up and down stairs, an extra fee of $50 per floor will be charged. For more details, please refer to our shipping policy. If you wish to deliver your products to outlying islands and remote locations, please contact us.
  • Guests are required to pick up the food at the delivery location within half an hour upon arrival. Otherwise, the driver will charge an additional waiting fee according to the situation or reserve the right to return the food to Deardeli.
  • The general delivery period is from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. For other arrival times, surcharges shall apply. Please check with us. Deardeli will not re-prepare any catering, reschedule deliveries or arrange refunds in this regard.
  • Delivery services will be delayed if a No. 8 gale or storm signal is hoisted or a black rainstorm warning is in effect. We will get in touch with you for the latest delivery arrangements. No orders will be refunded in this regard.
  • All orders will be provided with corresponding disposable cutlery. Extra cutlery may be charged separately. For a la carte orders, one set of disposable cutlery will be provided for every $100 ordered.
  • If we miss or deliver the wrong food, please notify us on the same day so that we can arrange for a replacement or refund. No compensation will be made for failure to notify Deardeli on the same day.
  • Deardeli reserves the right to amend all terms and conditions regarding all orders. In case of any dispute, we reserve the right of final decision.

Contact Us

Enjoy free delivery to the ground floor for orders of HK$1000 and above. This promotional discount will be applied automatically at checkout. If you have any questions about Deardeli’s party catering services in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to accommodate your catering needs to level up your group events.