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TianyueTing X Celebrity Cusine

Awarded Michelin for 12 consecutive years, Chef Cheng Kam-fu of Chef Chef Cooperated with the brand "Tian Yue Ting" for the first time this year to jointly launch two Fu Gor's signature New Year cakesyears.

Chef Cheng Kam-fu was born in a private club of the Hong Kong Far East Exchange. Because of his outstanding culinary skills, he was recruited as a chef by Hong Kong textile tycoon Lin Baixin. He has been cooking in Lin's private guest house for more than 20 years and has the reputation of "Hidden Chef God" in Hong Kong. In 2007, it opened Celebrity Square. In 2013, it opened "Emperor House" in Macau and immediately won a Michelin star. In 2015, it opened branches in Chongqing and Kaohsiung. In 2017, it opened branches in Tainan and Taichung respectively. Since 2010, it has been running for 12 consecutive years. Received a Michelin star restaurant honor. At the beginning of 2022, Alvin Leung, a celebrity chef in the catering industry, opened a new restaurant "The Demon Celebrity " in Central, adding innovative elements to nostalgic Cantonese cuisine, bringing diners an exquisite Cantonese cuisine experience.

Fu Gor knows food and materials, and creates with his heart. With years of real kung fu and enthusiasm, he has made a series of delicious dishes. With the same aspiration, he cooperated with the well-known food and beverage brand "Tianyue Ting" to jointly launch two Fu Gor's signature New Year cakes - "Signature radish cake" and "LaMei Taro Cake" ", the twin set is also specially delivered with Fugor's own XO sauce, which is a delicious match.
Give gifts for your own use, get together with your loved ones, celebrate the Spring Festival, and enjoy the food crowned by the Michelin chef.

芋頭控新年必食 - 富哥爆料芋頭糕

Taro fans must eat in the New Year - Fu Gor taro cake

In addition to high -end dishes in the city, many celebrities and foodies are pursuing the rich brothers, but also the New Year's pastry that has been rated by diners every year. The rich brother is fresh every day, and it is limited to sale. Every year, I am snapped up early in the morning.
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富豪高官必食蘿蔔糕 - 富哥招牌蘿蔔糕

Must-eat Carrot Cake for Upper Class - Fu Gor Signature Carrot Cake

When you come to Celebrity Square, you do n’t know how to call radish cakes. You must be a non -mature guest. Even Sister MAY learns to make radish cakes with the Celebrity Fang Fangfu.

The rich brother used to be Lin Baixin's chef in the past. For the past 30 years for the rich and senior officials, although he has never mentioned the new year's carrot cake, the mature guest has passed on, and there are at least 1,500 settings this year .....

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The Hidden Chef Fu Gor's Unique Signature XO Sauce

This XO sauce with a history of many years is a sense of flavor. The secrets adhere to the high proportion of scallops, and add shrimp to greatly enhance the protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium contained in the product Full of nutrition.
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Produced by star chefs, there are plenty of shredded radishes
Fry on both sides until golden without being greasy
Soft but not loose, dipped in Fu Gor XO sauce, super delicious~
Radish Cake very delicious!
The usual radish cake is full of flour and tasteless!
Fu Gor's radish cake can be eaten with a little bit of radish, and the XO sauce that goes with it is even more amazing, super surging scallops
There are too many taro pieces!
Eat real taro every bite
What I appreciate most is that Fu Gor knows how to use the most authentic flavor in Hong Kong, which is the orange XO sauce
, a perfect match with cakes!

Cooperative sales point

Tianyueting x Celebrity Cusine New Year Cakes

Tianyueting-FuGor Signature Radish Cake

Yaozhu, shrimp, sausages, bacon, white radish handicrafts are hand -made, the aroma overflows, Michelin star signboard snacks
The ingredients are beautiful, and the ingredients are surging ~ easy to re -heat at home, you can relax the rich brothers and famous dishes to give gifts to self -use! Hong Kong -style classic flavors must try

Fu Gor Lawei Taro Cake

Use fresh and rich taro, only the center of the center of pink, and then use the unique formula to keep the taro powder glutinous
Sweet. The taro cakes are dense, the aroma of taro is overflowing, the aroma is tangy, and the aftertaste is endless, which makes people can't help but take a bite.

Reservation details

Tianyueting and Celebrity Square New Year's Cakes
Fugor Signature Carrot Cake / Fugor Taro Cake

The official retail price of two New Year cakes (500g) is HK$198 each, available at 7-11 convenience stores, HGCmore, 3Mall, HKTVMALL,
Price.com, kkday, Deardeli.com and major online stores etc. are pre-sold.
Customers can also visit the Chef Magic Celebrity Square in Central to purchase directly