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富豪高官必食蘿蔔糕 - 富哥招牌蘿蔔糕

Must-eat Carrot Cake for Upper Class - Fu Gor Signature Carrot Cake

When you come to Celebrity Square, if you don’t know the name of carrot cake, you must be a regular customer. Even Sister May learned how to make carrot cake from Celebrity Square chef Fu Gor.

Fu Gor used to be Lin Baixin's family chef. He has been cooking for the wealthy and high-ranking officials for nearly 30 years. Although he has never mentioned to anyone that he will sell carrot cakes during the New Year, he has passed on from regular customers to regular customers. There have been at least 1,500 orders this year. Chang Wang Jiyan also ordered 100 bottoms, but Fu Gor said he wanted to stop when it reached 2,000 bottoms.

To make radish cake, the most important thing is to use good ingredients. In addition to bacon and sausage, the shrimp must choose Cheung Chau shrimp, and a pot of soup essence made of old chicken, lean meat, Jinhua ham and other ingredients. In addition to sticky rice noodles using soup to dilute, boiled radish also needs to be boiled in soup.

"I used to learn from the master to use fish soup, but because some customers would bring it to foreign countries, they were afraid of the fishy smell, so they used soup instead. Picking radishes requires a lot of body, so that it has more water and is sweet enough. And The radish must be cut by hand, because the hand-cut is thick and thin, and the young radish can be boiled and blended into the cake, but at the same time you can eat the taste of the thick radish; When it is fragrant, it is easy to scatter in the mouth." Fu Gor said. Fu Gor's radish cake, sometimes you can eat shredded radish, the ratio of radish to flour is moderate, the taste is soft and smooth, and it is delicious when paired with homemade XO sauce.

Article source: APPLEDAILYTW