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The Hidden Chef Fu Gor's Unique Signature XO Sauce

The simpler the dish, the more difficult it is to make. Like XO sauce, different chefs and different brands have their own products. Different people will cook different tastes and textures, but how to make a taste that can evoke everyone's memories... This kind of cooking mystery and spirit is the secret skill that Chef Zheng Jinfu from Hong Kong Celebrity Square is best at.

FuGor is a personal chef who has served Hong Kong textile tycoon Lin Baixin for 20 years. Because the boss often entertains guests who eat delicious food from all over the world, he always has problems to develop new dishes for FuGor. Exquisite culinary skills of new ingredients, research and creation of unique dishes. Brother Fu will go to the market every morning to search for good ingredients, and he will change different dishes according to different ingredients, until he opened the restaurant "Celebrity Square" independently. Many surprises are given to the guests, so there are often guests who come to the Celebrity Square to eat FuGor's dishes for a week, because every day is a new taste and new dish! Fu Ge said that the trick is actually to insist on fresh ingredients and proper proportion of dishes, and never use bad ingredients. This kind of persistence and quality has also made FuGor known as the "Hidden Chef God" by the world!

XO sauce, which has a history of many years, is popular among the taste buds. Its secret is to insist on a high proportion of scallops, and add shrimp to greatly increase the protein, vitamin A, minerals and calcium contained in the product, so that you can enjoy your taste and get a full intake nutrition.

The charm of FuGor XO Sauce naturally does not stop there. It uses high-quality vegetable oil to reflect the original taste of the ingredients, and then undergoes high-temperature sterilization to present an attractive amber color.

FuGor XO Sauce is a high-end comprehensive seasoning developed in Hong Kong for decades. It concentrates a large amount of seafood and spice essence in a small amount of sauce, and only needs to add a little to the dishes to create a perfect flavor. MSG is powerful and has more layers of deliciousness. Some even use ingredients such as small scallops, dried shrimp, and Jinhua ham, so that you can directly taste the high-end quality of the ingredients themselves.

With the increasing popularity of XO sauce among the people, major high-end hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong are not to be outdone, and have launched their own original related products; It's okay to want to heat it directly as a side dish.

Selection points of XO sauce

Before actually choosing XO sauce, you can first narrow down the search scope through the following key points of purchase.

Choose from origin and brand

When choosing XO sauce, the most important points to pay attention to are the place of origin and the brand. With these two elements, you can roughly distinguish the characteristics of the product.

The spiciness of each XO sauce is different, and depending on the way of use, the most suitable product will also change accordingly. For example, if you want to taste XO sauce as a side dish with rice, you can choose a product that is not too spicy to highlight the umami taste; when using it as a dipping sauce, in order to make the effect of enhancing the taste more obvious, choose a product that combines aroma And spicy style is better.