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-Brand story--

Tianyue Ting is a series of exquisite Chinese dishes and four seasons products for Deardeli

The king of "Tian" in Tianyue Ting takes the people as the sky; and the people use food as the heaven, the sky, and the supreme high, and I hope to bring you the most noble and delicious food.
"Month" can be a unit that is calculated for twelve months a year, as if the products representing the Tianyue Ting series have seasonal restrictions to show their preciousness. Hairy crabs launched a luxurious feast for the season.

Spring and summer products

New Year's Poon Choi

Combined with the latest diet trend, the firstChicken pot, To the bottom of the Sichuan -style chicken pot plus the traditional expensive ingredients, and enjoy two dishes at the same time. As soon as the launch is very popular, during the peak period, it has sold more than a hundred a day, which is well received!
Another anti -traditional frozen pots,Flower carving drunk pot vegetablesExclusive secrets of flowers and soups drunk all kinds of seafood, chicken pieces, pork belly, pig hands, etc. Every piece is drunk, and another popular work!

New Year cake

The New Year is the most important festival of Chinese people. The New Year's pastry is a must -eat food for each year. Every year, we cooperate with star chefs to launch real and delicious New Year cakes. The whole person is made fresh, classic and delicious. This year, I also launched two cakes with Mizhi Lotus Star Chef, so stay tuned!

Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings

Every year, more than ten flavors of Dragon Boat Festival are introduced. Daily new people's handbaging systems are widely welcomed by citizens. Authentic Shanghai bacon sales have sold more than a thousand times!
Tianyue Ting combined with charitable activities, the chef personally sent a love to the community, hoping that more citizens would share festive food.

Autumn and winter products

Hairy crab

Selected authentic Jiangsu Qingshui LakeHairy crab, Safe import, confidence guarantee. Freshly arrived every day, only fierce! This year, it was launched for the first timeHairy crab feast, Make a series of dishes with hairy crabs, the package is released on various platforms. Many celebrities have praised them after trying. In particular, the crab powder emperor fried rice has once become a sales champion. Bidding!

Mid -Autumn Festival Mooncake

On the Mid -Autumn Festival, you will always buy moon cakes and taste the moon with your family. Tianyue Ting carefully made milk yellow moon cakes, a mini moon cake, you can taste the rich milk yellow, it is more aromatherapy after heating, the small mouth is suitable, suitable for sharing with family and friends.

Caishen suckling pig

No matter the New Year, the new store's opening, filming, etc., the necessary crispy suckling pigs. The old -fashioned factory building is freshly grilled daily. The original suckling pig is crispy, the meat is juicy, and it is very well received! Every time the New Year order is peak, please book early.

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