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-Brand story--

Tianyueting is a series of exquisite Chinese dishes and four-season products specially produced by Deardeli

The "Tian" in the Tianyueting means that the king regards the people as the sky; and the people regard food as the sky, and the sky is supreme, hoping to bring you the most noble and delicious food.
The "month" can be used as a unit of time. There are twelve months in a year, just like the products of the Tianyueting series have seasonal restrictions to show their preciousness. "Feast" is also a luxurious feast launched because of the hairy crab season.

Spring and summer products

Chinese New Year Poon Choi

Combining the latest food trends, it is the first to create a pot of chicken pot vegetables, a Sichuan-style chicken pot base with traditional and precious ingredients, and enjoy two dishes at the same time. It has been very popular since it was launched, and it sold more than 100 pieces every day during the peak period, which is very well received!
Another anti-traditional frozen food Poon Choi, Huadiao Drunken Poon Choi, with exclusive secret Huadiao broth soaked in various seafood , Chicken Pieces, Pork Belly, Pork Knuckle, etc. Each piece is drunk and fragrant, another popular work!

Chinese New Year Cakes

New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people. New Year's cakes are a must-eat food for every household during the New Year. Every year, we cooperate with star chefs to launch authentic and delicious New Year cakes. Freshly made by all hands, it is classic, delicious and extremely precious. This year, we will cooperate with the Michelin-starred chef to launch two pastries, so stay tuned!

Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings

More than ten flavors of Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings are launched every year, which are freshly hand-made every day, and are widely welcomed by the public. The sales volume of authentic Shanghai rice dumplings with salted meat even exceeded 1,000 a day!
Tianyueting combined with charity activities, the chef personally distributed love rice dumplings to the community, hoping that more citizens will share the festive delicacies.

Autumn and winter products

Hairy crab

Strictly select authentic Jiangsu Qingshui Lake hairy crabs, safe import, confidence guarantee. Freshly delivered every day, only fresh! This year, the hairy crab banquet was launched for the first time. A series of dishes made with hairy crabs. The set meals are sold on various platforms. The champion, the experienced chef is full of energy, every rice is covered with crab powder, and the repurchase rate exceeds the mark!

Mid -Autumn Festival Mooncake

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, I always buy mooncakes and enjoy them with my family while watching the moon. Tianyueting carefully crafts custard mooncakes, mini mooncakes, you can taste the richness of custard, and it will be more fragrant after being slightly heated. It is suitable for small bites and is suitable for sharing with family and friends.

Fortuna suckling pig

Crispy-skinned suckling pig is a must-have for Chinese New Year celebrations, new store openings, movie shoots, etc. The time-honored factory is freshly roasted every day. The whole suckling pig is crispy and juicy, which is very popular! During the peak order period of the Chinese New Year, please book early.

Fumanmen Hongyun suckling pig

Suitable for weddings, birthday parties, festivals, film and television openings, company openings, graduations and other events. It is fresh and made immediately, and it is guaranteed to be fired two hours before delivery, and it will weigh more than 3 catties when it is fired. The production workshop has obtained ISO2200, which is safe and hygienic, so you can eat it with confidence.

Festive red handle bag and tin foil cover. Buying suckling pig sloppy comes with: 10 packs of suckling pig sauce, a pair of disposable gloves, red hydrangea, thoughtful and decent enough!
We provide delivery service (ground delivery) from Monday to Sunday to avoid complicated pick-up procedures , the busy festival day is prepared for you!

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