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Pick up within 24 hours

Authentic Jiangsu Qingshui Lake hairy crabs

Free pick-up at 11 self-pickup points in Hong Kong
Or you can choose home delivery to a designated address

If you choose to pick up at a self-pickup point, it will be delivered at checkout Please fill in the address of the self-pickup point
You will get a crab dismantling tool kit for every 6 crabs purchased, two crabs for every 12 crabs purchased, and so on. (The number of free crab dismantling kits is calculated based on the number of crabs)

The hairy crabs sold in this shop have health certificates issued by the importing place
Restricted food Sales license number: 0351806041

Order by yourself on the website or by WHATSAPP customer service

Hairy crab

Kowloon Bay Pick-up Point

Room 606, International Plaza, No. 20, Shun Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay

Saturday: 2PM -6PM
Sunday: 2PM -6PM

Kwun Tong District's self -picking point

Direct farmer
Light Star Building, 23-33, Kwun Tong Ruihua Street F, K and L Shop

MON -Sun: 12pm -6:00 PM

Tugua Bay Area self -picking point

Shin Kong Roasting Hotel
Underground of Shanhai Building, 47 Xiaxiang Road, Tuguawan

MON -Sun: 12pm -6:00 PM

Self-pickup point in Causeway Bay

Hongji Sanyangtai
Foreign Shop opposite to No. 37 Zhanda Street, Causeway Bay

MON -Sun: 2pm -7:00 PM

Golden Bell District's self -picking point

Night Shanghai
Shop 332, No. 332, Taikoo Plaza, No. 88, Jinzhong Road

MON -Sun: 2pm -6:30 PM

Self-pickup point in Shau Kei Wan District

Chess brother roast goose dining room
Shop No. 9, Base 9, Haifeng Center, Baowen Street, Luke Wan

MON -Sun: 2pm -7:00 PM

Self-pickup point in Tin Hau District

Chee's Roasted Goose Restaurant
Ground Floor, Fa Cheong Building, 79-81 Electric Road, Tin Hau

Mon - Sun: 2pm - 6:30pm

Tuen Mun District's self -picking point

Summer noodle
Shop C109, Tuen Mun State Mall

MON -Sun: 2pm -6:30 PM

Tseung Kwan Oszer District picking point

Kaiyan Restaurant
Shop 227, 227, No. 27, Phase 3 of Tseung Kwan Okura

MON -Sun: 12pm -6:00 PM

Tuen Mun District's self -picking point

Direct farmer
Tuen Mun Qimin Trail No. 15-45 Meiheng Building No. C, Block No. 9, Block 9

MON -Sun: 2pm -6:30 PM

Guarantee of licensed sales confidence

Our shop holds the sales permit for SMS (hairy crab)
Address: 801, shun fat industrial building, 17 wang hoi root, kowloon bay

License number: 0351806041