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Enjoy free delivery for orders of HK$1000 and above. (Catering applicable to Delivery-To-Ground-Floor only; Extra transportation charge will be applied for remote area) The offer will be applied automatically at checkout.


Sufficient for one person, suitable for employee lunch boxes, activity lunch boxes, business lunches, and snacks

Enterprises provide employees with breakfast boxes, meeting lunch boxes, afternoon tea lunch boxes or overtime snack boxes / group activities provide event meals, support boxes, etc.

Deardeli’s Premium Catering Services & Collections

Delicate Cuisines Perfect For Your Next Party

Deardeli is named after the word deli, meaning exquisite delicacies. Whether it is family get-togethers, friends' parties, wedding banquets, or corporate events, we bring the most premium catering services and delicious occasions to your door. Just sit back and indulge in a tantalising selection of top-notch global cuisines! We also offer a wide spread of seasonal menus — from tasty hairy crabs and sumptuous poon choi to Chinese New Year puddings — and deluxe bento boxes for office dwellers. As a global cuisine caterer in Hong Kong, Deardeli is bound to deliver top-notch catering services that take your events to the next level.

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Enjoy free delivery to the ground floor for orders of HK$1000 and above. This promotional discount will be applied automatically at checkout. If you have any questions about Deardeli’s catering services in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to accommodate your catering needs to level up your parties.