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[Limited sale] Drunk Xiang Feitian Chicken (2.5 pounds)




  • Michelian chef, the shop NO.1 food promotion
  • Feitian chicken named its aroma of fragrant fragrance. At the moment of opening tin foil, attack the nasal cavity, the soul flying!
  • Pour in fragrant leaves, star anise, flower carving wine, and secret sauce, and then baked with slow boiled
  • The entire cooking procedure is complicated, and it can only be released on sale every day
  • The materials include: Longgang chicken, fragrant leaves, octagonal, flower carving wine, secret sauce, green onions, vanilla, chef's love♡
  • Notice! The production process uses a small amount of flower carving wine, the portion will not make people intoxicated
  • Suggestal amount (normal food volume):
    4-6 people -about 10 pounds of food
    8-10 people -about 14 pounds of food
    10-12 people -about 20 pounds of food
  • The picture is for reference only