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-- Our Core Dining Services --

Corporate/Group Meal Ordering

Our company/group provides group meal ordering service, which is specially designed to provide a convenient and fast meal ordering experience for offices, corporate venues, event groups or various types of large groups.
We have a wealth of meal options, ranging from healthy light meals to delicious dishes, so that you and your colleagues/partners can order meals according to your own tastes and needs.
Provide customized solutions, flexible delivery time, simple and fast payment methods, automatic order sending and invoice download, to help you order food easily and smoothly.
24-hour online self-service ordering on the website, simple and fast payment methods and flexible delivery time ensure that your ordering experience is seamless and make your working day easier.

Various Groups

Corporate Ordering

Our team will cooperate with the enterprise to understand the needs and constraints of the enterprise, and design the most suitable meal ordering plan. We can provide different solutions, such as ordering meals according to the number of employees in the enterprise, or ordering meals according to departments, and even provide customized menus for enterprises, so that employees can enjoy delicious and healthy meals, and improve work efficiency and morale.

From breakfast to lunch and afternoon tea, including a variety of beverages and snacks, everything. Meeting snacks, benefit brunch, overtime meals, event lunch boxes, and more.

You can choose to order meals every day, you can also choose to order meals on a weekly basis, and you can even adjust the menu according to seasonal changes.

Activity lunch box

Our company's event catering service is a professional event catering solution for organizations. Our event box service offers various types of meal boxes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and more. Our lunch boxes are rich in styles and can be customized according to different occasions and needs, from simple sandwiches to exquisite cakes, to meet various tastes and needs.

The event lunch box service is suitable for various occasions, including exhibitions, brand events, performance venues, parties and events, etc. Our lunch boxes can be customized according to different occasions and needs, from the appearance of the lunch box to the content can be designed and produced, and exclusive patterns/words can be printed to ensure that the lunch box fits the theme and atmosphere of the event.

Group Meals

The fixed meal service for institutions and groups is a customized catering solution for institutions. Our services cover institutions such as hospitals, community halls, schools and religious groups, providing delicious and healthy meals for institutional staff and groups.
Our fixed meal service provides a variety of options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, so that residents and staff of the institution can order meals according to their needs.

Our catering team has rich experience and professional knowledge, and can design and produce according to the needs of different institutions to ensure the quality and delicacy of catering. Our delivery team also has the experience and expertise to ensure that meals stay fresh and hot throughout the delivery process. In addition, our management team will also conduct regular catering quality inspections and customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that customers can enjoy the best catering experience.

Special Business Lunch Box

Our meals are suitable for various commercial purposes:
For example, special healthy high-protein meal boxes are sold in fitness rooms, daily meals in travel agencies' special groups, included meals on commercial transportation, meals sold in snack bars, Brand customized food in various stores, etc.
Even some semi-finished products are used for commercial secondary processing, which is more suitable for various commercial purposes of merchants.

Our lunch boxes are not only high-quality, and the food meets safety requirements, but the appearance and content of the lunch boxes can be customized to ensure that the lunch boxes can fully reflect the image and style of customers and meet various business needs.

Ordering Process

Corporate/Group Catering is a customized catering solution for businesses and groups for a variety of business purposes, including meetings, employee benefits, events, and takeout. The process of corporate/group meal ordering usually includes the following steps:

The first step is to contact us. Enterprises or groups need to contact the meal ordering service provider to confirm the order time, quantity, menu and other related matters. When in contact, customers can put forward their needs and requirements for customized design.

The second step is to select the menu. Food ordering service providers will provide a variety of menus for customers to choose from, and customers can choose according to their needs and tastes. The menu usually includes multiple periods such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, and customers can choose according to their needs.

The third step is to confirm the order. The customer needs to confirm the content and quantity of the order, and determine the delivery time and place of the order and other related matters.

The fourth step, payment. Customers need to make payment after confirming the order, and payment can be made through online payment, transfer, etc.

The fifth step is to deliver food. Meal ordering service providers deliver meals based on customer requests and needs.

Start the first step to contact us and tell us your needs and requirements