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芋頭控新年必食 - 富哥爆料芋頭糕

Taro fans must eat in the New Year - Fu Gor taro cake

In addition to the high-end dishes, many celebrities and gourmets in the city love Fuge, as well as the Chinese New Year pastries that are rated as having the best taste and rich texture by diners every year. Fu Ge is freshly made by hand every day and sold in limited quantities. Every year, it is sold out early in the morning. If you want to taste the gesture of a Michelin-starred chef, remember to book early!

"Try the Michelin-free flavor"

Fu Ge has always put his heart into making his cakes. The pastries he makes have no added preservatives, and the ingredients are fresh and full of ingredients. Among them, the scallop carrot cake and taro cake are praised by gourmets, "I can't help but take one bite after another."

The taro cake is full of ingredients, and you can clearly see the fresh taro grains. Almost every bite is full of bursting taro. It is definitely a must-eat for taro lovers! The body of the cake is smooth, not hard or peeled; It is made in Hong Kong. The cured meat is air-dried for a short time, with more oil, and the taste is not too strong. It also has natural sun-dried dried shrimps, top-quality dried scallops and mushrooms. The dried shrimps are big ones, and they are still fragrant when chopped finely. Each mouthful has a rich taro aroma, and the taro flavor is not taken away by the aroma of the cured meat. It is hard to resist one bite after another.

As a taro lover, I really recommend Fu Ge’s full-stuffed taro cake. Compared with other taro cakes in the market, Fu Ge’s small box contains an exaggerated amount of taro. Decent gift, self-use satisfaction!

The pastries made by Fu Ge do not contain preservatives, they are fresh, healthy and delicious! You need to refrigerate them. After defrosting and reheating, you can enjoy Michelin pastries at home immediately. Share first-class with family and friends in the New Year!