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Hot and spicy summer boats 20-25 people meals




  • In summer, the package contains a variety of summer ice and cold dishes
  • It is convenient to eat on the boat, mostly a string of lightweight food
  • Package content:
    Japanese -style crab seed crab willow salad is about 3 pounds
    Thai -style boneless sour phoenix claws are about 3 pounds
    Cold sand ginger pig hands about 3 pounds
    Fresh fruit platter is about 3 pounds
    40 pieces of classic pineapple sausage string
    Italian meat sauce cheese, baked pasta about 4.5 pounds
    The three -pound of the hemp sauce chicken silk with cold noodles is about 3 pounds

    Japanese sugar heart is about 3 pounds
    Secret Satar pig+chicken skewers burning about 2 pounds
    Japanese -style skewers (pork/cattle/chicken) 24 skewers
    28 pieces of Wind Crispy Dumplings
    Twenty -four pieces of crispy seafood Changchun rolls
  • The picture is for reference only