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Heavyweight BBQ Ribs package (14-16 people)



  • Package content:
    American -style rib (original bar) X3
    2 parts of garlic, sweet potato, beef and willow grains
    Garlic chicken steak x3
    Honey chicken wings x12
    Denim sausage x10
    Honey juice garlic pork pork spleen X10
    Thai -style pork neck X2
    Caramel chicken whole wings x6
    Garlic flower armor X2 part
    Cheese half -shell green mouth 1LB
    Cheese and avocado Bakery Zealand Flower X2
    Curvy Courin skewers x12
    Honey butter corn x8
    Cheese tobacco meat mushroom x6
    Yan Salmon Caesar Salad 2LB
    French garlic bag X10
    Fresh banana with chocolate sauce X4
    Honey spray 1 branch
  • This is marinated with fresh grilled baked bags.
  • The product is equipped with ice packs to keep cold, please cook as soon as possible after receiving
  • The picture is for reference only