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Michelin star luxury Chinese-style meeting package 8-10 people




  • Package content:
    Cool with black vinegar hand -shot cucumber to fight black fungus about 1 pound
    Sweet -hearted radish (cold disk) about 3 pounds
    Tianyue Ting X Celebrity Square Michelian fried radish cake/taro cake 10 pieces each
    Signboard drunk fragrant Flying Tianshi about 3.5 pounds
    Slowly boiled flower carving drunk abalone 10
    Rich gold fried rice about 2.5 pounds (shrimp grain/flying caviar)
    Jinhua ham soup Jinbai about 2 pounds
    Sea cucumber jasper 2L 2L
    Classic Chenpi red bean paste is about 2L

  • I have been awarded Michelin for twelve consecutive years.
  • "Fu Ge Lami Taro Cake" uses fresh and rich taro, and keeps the powder of the taro with a secret formula, and makes a dense taro cake. The aftertaste is endless.
  • Ingredients: fresh taro, water, dipped rice noodles, millet powder, shrimp, sausage, Yaozhu, sesame
  • "Fugge's signature radish cake" selects fresh white radish cuts, adds special pink pulp, stir -fry to sweet winter mushrooms, sausages, bacon, and shrimp.
  • It can be steamed and fried. The sweetness of the radish is accompanied by the rich filling. It is beautiful and unforgettable.
  • Don't go out, enjoy the Michelian lotus grade food at home
  • The picture is for reference only