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Seafood package (22-26 people)



  • Package contents:
  • Baked Tiger Prawns with Cheese and Garlic Sauce X24
  • Large scallops on the half shell x20
  • Squid skewers x24
  • Huadiao Baked Amazing Crab 2 servings
  • Sake AbaloneX14
  • 3 servings of minced garlic
  • Cheese Half Shell Mussels X 2 servings
  • Salt roasted aconite 1 piece
  • Salted Mackerel Skewers X8
  • Honey Chicken Wings x12
  • Satay Skewers (Chicken & Pork) 12 skewers each
  • Thai Pork Neck X2 servings
  • Honey Butter Corn X8
  • Bacon, Cherry Tomato Skewers X16
  • Green meat and melon skewers X24
  • Cheese assorted mushroom plate 4 servings
  • French Garlic BreadX24
  • Carefully selected fresh and sweet pineapple slices X30
  • Minced garlic 3 parts
  • Secret chili garlic paste 2 servings
  • Honey spray 2 sticks
  • This is a marinated fresh barbecue bun that needs to be heated before eating.
  • The product comes with an ice pack to keep it cold. Please cook it as soon as possible after receiving it.
  • Pictures are for reference only