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長洲遊 - 七大推介好去處

Cheung Chau travel seven recommended good places

As we all know, Cheung Chau is a popular destination for Hong Kong people to go to outlying islands on holidays. Cheung Chau has recently added a number of hot spots, attracting a large number of Hong Kong people to check in. Among them, the Cheung Chau Fish Ball is the most well-known.

[1] Gan Yongtai famous big fish ball

Cheung Chau's Time-honored Fish Ball Shop - Gan Yongtai Fish Balls are often crowded with people in front of the door. They specialize in Cheung Chau's must-eat signature big fish balls, shrimp balls, fried bean curd and so on. The fish balls and shrimp balls are umami and chewy.


Gan Yongtai Fish Balls

Address: G/F, No. 106, Xinxing Street, Cheung Chau

Tel: 2981 3050

Business hours: 07:00 - 17:00

[2] Conran Bakery

This is the bakery that most Cheung Chau people eat. Mini egg tarts and coconut tarts are the most popular. The daily supply time is 14:15-17:00. Remember to pay attention to the time to buy on time!

Level 10 recommends the mini egg tarts. The taste of the egg yolk burst is unforgettable. I really want to try it.


Conran Bakery

Address: 91 Hoi Pong Road, Cheung Chau

Tel: 29815218

Business hours: 06:00-19:30

Mini egg tarts, coconut tarts $10/4 pcs Portuguese tarts $8/pcs.

[3]Cheung Chau Corn Cheese 

Cheung Chau Corn Cheese is also one of the popular shops in Cheung Chau in recent years! The most famous store in the store is of course the decoration of the "Cheung Chau MTR Station" as the check-in wall, and many people come here to take pictures and check-in! The cheese is made of Hong Kong mother's milk as raw material, and it is fermented by itself. The signature among them is raspberry cheese, which is made from fresh strawberries and purple rice. The taste is sweet and sour, with a hint of light The aroma of the strawberry is the most suitable for drinking in summer when sweeping the streets in Cheung Chau to cool off the heat.

Cheung Chau Corn Cheese

Address: No. 78, Xinxing Street, Cheung Chau

Tel: 8489 3140

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 12:30-21:00 / Sun 11:00-20:00

[4] Yunsheng Dessert

Each glutinous rice cake of Yunsheng Dessert is as large as half a palm, and the glutinous rice skin is thin enough to stretch the teeth, and the mango with the flesh is sweet and delicious. In addition, there are also mango rice rolls, mango jelly and mango sago in the store, which are also popular choices. It is rare to have to try it.

Yunsheng Dessert

Address: G/F, No. 5, Xinxing Street, Cheung Chau

Tel: 2981 5032

Business Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

[5] Love Lock Wall

When it comes to check-in attractions, the love lock wall on Dongwan Road cannot be underestimated! Visitors can buy plastic wishing locks or heart-shaped wooden signs at nearby stores on the spot, write down their heartfelt sentences and hang them on the wall. Not only couples, but also family and friends can check in together to leave good memories.


[6] East Bay Beach

Walk along Cheung Chau Plaza next to Kam Wing Tai Fish Ball, and you will reach Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach in about 5 minutes. Dongwan Beach is the largest and most popular beach on the island. It has sufficient facilities, toilets, showers and changing facilities. There are also shops and snack bars selling swimming supplies nearby. It is most suitable for families to play.


[7]Chang Po Tsai Cave

Zhang Baozai Cave was a pirate cave in the Qing Dynasty. Although there are no treasures in Zhang Baozai Cave now, it is still worth checking in at this historically valuable place. The entrance of Zhang Baozai Cave is very narrow, only one person can pass through, and the inside of the cave is dark. Tourists must go down the iron ladder, be careful every step, and remember to bring a flashlight and wear casual clothes. It is not difficult to walk from the stone road to the entrance of the cave and enter the cave along the "stone level" composed of stones.

How to get there:

After disembarking at Cheung Chau Pier, follow the signs to the right and walk for about 30 minutes; or take a boat at Cheung Chau Pier to Cheung Po Tsai Cave, about 5 minutes away