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Don't eat seafood like this!

I believe most people like to eat seafood, but do you know? Seafood eating at any time affects your health at any time! Look at it together, tell you the precautions, so that you can eat seafood without worries, and you are fast ~

1. Eat seafood with beer together, it is easy to get gout

Seafood will form uric acid after the human body metabolism, and excessive uric acid can cause gout, kidney stones, etc. While eating seafood, if you add beer, it will accelerate the formation of uric acid in the body.

2. Eat seafood with fruits, it is easy to stomach pain

Seafood is rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium. And fruits contain more tannic acid. If two are eaten together, the calcium in seafood will be combined with tannication in the fruit, forming difficulty dissolving calcium, stimulating the stomach and intestines, and then causing symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, so two so two, so two two It is best to eat more than 2 hours.

3. Drinking tea with seafood, easy to produce stones

This principle is similar to that of seafood plus fruit. Tea contains tannic acid, which will also form calcium that is difficult to dissolve with calcium in seafood, so it is best to eat it more than 2 hours.

4. Seafood
Eating with vitamin C can cause poisoning

Most seafood contains arsenic of chemical elements. As environmental pollution is getting worse, their arsenic in their bodies will reach a higher level. The arsenic of arsenic in the shrimp is pentagram. Under normal circumstances, five -price arsenic is no harm to the human body. However, high -duty psychological C (one -time intake of vitamin C exceeds 500 mg) and pentagram can be transformed into a toxic three -cost arsenic (that is, "frost"). A certain dose can cause human poisoning.

Also, you must cook seafood!

The germs in the seafood are mainly paramilphya, and the heat resistance is relatively strong. It can be killed above 80 ° C. In addition to the bacteria brought by the water, there are also the opportunity to have parasitic eggs and bacteria and virus pollution brought about by processing. Generally speaking, it is completely sterilized in boiling water for 4-5 minutes.

and! There are a lot of toxins in dead shellcats

The shells itself has a high amount of bacteria, and the protein decomposes is fast. Once they die, they breed a large amount of germs and produce toxins. At the same time, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them are also prone to oxidation. Not fresh shellfish will also produce more amine and free radicals, threatening human health.


Want to eat at ease and rest assured? Deardeli offers a variety of seafood choices ~

1.)Baked garlic avocado lobster (1.5 pounds)


2.)Rock salt soy sauce sea shrimp (16 starts)


3.)Cheese garlic baked New Zealand Qingkou (2 pounds)



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