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The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and one of the oldest festivals in the world. It originated from ancient times in China, began in the Warring States Period, and has passed on a history of more than 2,500 years. This festival is to commemorate Qu Yuan, a great poet and politician. His spirit and contribution have been widely recognized and respected by the Chinese people.

Qu Yuan is one of the earliest patriotic poets in China. He was born around 340 BC and died in 278 BC. He is the minister and poet of the Chu Kingdom, and the national hero of the Chu Kingdom. He is known for his just right quality and loyalty to the country. Because he opposed the political corruption and war at the time, he was eventually exiled to the Yueyang Tower in the Luo River. During his exile, he wrote many famous poems, including "Li Sao" and "Tianwen". His poetry expresses his love for homeland and loyalty to the country, and has become an important part of Chinese culture.

It is rumored that at that time, people heard that Qu Yuan was exiled to Yueyang Tower and was very sad. In order to prevent him from being drowned in the river, his students and supporters threw dumplings into the river so that fish, lobster and crab can eat rice dumplings without hurting his body. Since then, the Dragon Boat Festival has become a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan and his students. People eat dumplings, dragon boats, and wormwood leaves on this day to express their respect and love for Qu Yuan and traditional Chinese culture.

The traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival is dumplings. It is wrapped in bamboo leaves and other materials such as glutinous rice, lean meat, bean paste, egg yolk and other materials. Demon in different regions has different flavors and methods, but they are based on Qu Yuan as a commemorative object. In addition to rice dumplings, people also eat traditional food such as five -color rice, fresh meat buns, and Ai leaf dumplings. In some areas, people will also drink male rice wine. This wine is mixed with pinks grinded with male yellow and alcohol, which has the effects of disinfection and mosquito repellent.

In addition to eating rice dumplings and other traditional foods, there are many other celebrations in the Dragon Boat Festival. One of the most famous activities is the Dragon Boat. The Dragon Boat is an ancient competitive movement that originated in the riverside area of ​​southern China. Dragon boat is a long flat boat, usually consisting of 20 to 80. They wore colorful clothes, drumming and slogans as rhythm, and paddling the paddle and racing forward. The Dragon Boat is a very interesting event that attracts a large number of audiences and participants.

In addition, people will hang Ai Ye and Pu in the Dragon Boat Festival. Ai leaves are a plant with fragrance. It can drive evil, disinfect, or drive mosquitoes. The puppet is a herbaceous plant that can remove dampness, wind, and deworming. Hanging Ai Ye and Pu is a traditional custom habit. People believe that this can protect the health and safety of themselves and their families.

In general, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the very important festivals in traditional Chinese culture. It is a commemoration of Qu Yuan and Chinese culture, and it is also an expression of the patriotic feelings and national pride of the Chinese people. In this special day, people will gather together, eat traditional food, participate in various activities, and celebrate this long holiday.