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2023 - 預訂聖誕到會 教學篇

2022 - Pre-booking for Christmas

As the end of 2022 draws to a close, the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and everyone is getting ready for one of our favorite festivals, Christmas! Any festive festival, how can you be accompanied by delicious food. Whether the company anniversary party, family and friends party, school Christmas party, party after party, the peak demand for takeaway service will come during the festival. Prepare as soon as possible to enjoy various early bird discounts and avoid the risk of excessive orders and cut-off orders. . Take a look at the Christmas dinner reservation process and some frequently asked questions now:

1. How much in advance should I order for Christmas?

Since November, it has entered the peak season of the catering industry and entered the peak period of ordering. Usually, it usually takes 2-3 days to book in advance, so that the restaurant can prepare ingredients, and some rare ingredients can be prepared in time. When it comes to popular festivals, restaurants should book in advance during the peak period of orders, so that the restaurant has enough time to purchase materials and make schedules. Many restaurants will offer early bird discounts in order to make arrangements more convenient, encouraging customers to order as soon as possible! According to past experience, popular days such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and BOXING DAY are full of orders, so please book 2-3 weeks in advance.

2. How should I order if a friend is vegetarian or sensitive to a certain food?

We know that everyone's eating habits and physical conditions are different, so that everyone can eat and drink to the fullest, we provide customized menus to meet different meal gathering needs. Meals can be changed on individual request. The chefs will discuss a suitable meal suggestion to the guests. If guests are sensitive to seafood, they can customize the original seafood fried rice to chicken fried rice. Each special menu has been modified and reconfigured by professional chefs to cater for guests' needs and maintain food standards. Please contact customer service immediately and tell us your needs.

3. The total number of people in the party is 22, how should I estimate the order quantity?

We have some pre-set menus with serving sizes that are suitable for the number of people. Direct purchase is convenient and fast. A la carte food also has options of different pounds, and the content description also prompts the number of people suitable for different pounds of food, which is convenient for booking the appropriate portion. Of course, this is only set according to the normal food intake. If there are people who have a large appetite among friends and family members, please purchase additional food according to the situation.

4. There will be a Christmas party next week, how should I order and what payment methods are available?

Self-service orders can be placed through our website. Each food item has pictures and descriptions for reference, as well as a thoughtful reference to the reservation size. In addition, you can also contact our customer service through WHATSAPP to provide one-to-one manual service. If you have any special needs, you can ask the customer service, and we will try our best to assist. We accept VISA / MASTER / PAYME / FPS / ALIPAY. If you choose FPS payment, you can enjoy an additional snack. For details, please contact customer service.

5. What does free shipping (ground delivery) mean? How to calculate shipping?

Free shipping (ground delivery) means that food is delivered to designated buildings or housing estates with parking spaces downstairs for delivery. The delivery driver will call the guest when they arrive, please allow time to pick up the item at the location. If the consumption amount is insufficient, delivery to remote areas or door-to-door delivery will be subject to additional charges, please refer to Delivery Services for details.

6. What is the earliest and latest delivery time if I need to order Christmas food for the party?

Our earliest delivery time is 11am and our latest delivery time is 10pm. Other delivery times are subject to additional charges, please contact our customer service for inquiries.