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Mid -Autumn Festival check -in

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is here again~

To remind you, the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022 is Saturday, September 10th.

(It's a pity, the wage earners seem to have a day off (ಥ﹏ಥ))

Mid-Autumn Festival means:

The 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar is called "Mid-Autumn Festival" because it is the middle of the three months of autumn. It is a folk custom that the whole family reunite on this day, enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes.

[Example] The outer circle from the month to the mid-autumn equinox. the

Although the mid-autumn festival is already the second month of autumn, why is the weather still so hot? However, it doesn't matter, we intend to have a meal with the people around us and meet each other, which is the so-called Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate the reunion. Everyone can take advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival to have a reunion dinner with their relatives and friends, go out to check in, and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival happily.

Let's first take a look at the hotspots of check-in in various districts of Hong Kong in 2022~

  • Cultural and Creative Holy Land PMQ

PMQ has always been synonymous with cultural conservation and art. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival PMQ has the theme of “Gathering Yuan Chuang Fang” with more than 300 paper art lanterns designed by the local creative design team Stickyline, hanging and Full of PMQ corridors and terraces! From September 9th to 11th, as long as you take a photo with the lantern installation in the venue and upload and share it on your personal social platform, you can get a limited edition mini mooncake lantern for free.

"With a radius of 100 miles, gather yuan to create a square"

Dates: September 3-12

Time: 11:00am-9:00pm

Venue: PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central



  • Tai Po Lake House Wish Lantern Festival

Lake House, a lake view restaurant in Tai Po, greets the moon this year with a giant 12-meter-high moon rabbit on Bailu Lake. Different Mid-Autumn decorations are placed on the grass, such as: 5-meter-high moon installations and luminous jade rabbit decorations. You can even ride Take a moon-watching tour boat to the Wishing Lake and place lanterns to make your wish.

Lake House
Address: G/F, 2 Hung Lam Road, Tai Po
Business hours: 11:30am - 10pm
Tel: 2657 6013



  • Yuen Long Lantern Street

During the Mid-Autumn Festival when I was a child, my parents would always buy different styles of lanterns. Although I bought them as a small purchase when I grew up, I still think the lanterns are beautiful and cute. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Yuen Long Bridge Market will hang different styles of colorful lanterns , Large and small lanterns made Yuen Long build a small lantern street.



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