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大閘蟹 - 拆蟹十大步驟

Hairy Crabs - Ten Steps for Crab Demolition

Ten steps split hairy crabs


1. Cut off the eight legs of the hairy crab, including two large tongs. After cooling, the meat in it will automatically separate from the crab shell, and it is easy to be poked or even sucked out, so it should be eaten at the end;


2. Remove the crab cover (that is, a small piece of cover on the navel part of the crab, the shape of the male crab and the female crab is different), and uncover the crab cover;


3. Eat the crab cover first, scoop out the crab stomach in the middle with a small spoon, and gently suck the crab roe wrapped outside. Be careful not to suck the triangle-shaped crab stomach in the middle, it should be discarded;


4. After eating the crab cover, it is the turn of the crab body, first use scissors to cut off the excess crab legs, crab mouth and crab lungs;


5. Use a spoon handle to pick out a hexagonal piece in the middle of the crab body, which is the heart of the crab, and discard it;


6. Spoon some vinegar on the crab with a small spoon, and then eat the crab roe and crab paste;


7. Break the crab body into two halves, and you can see the silky crab meat at this time. As long as you tear along the crab legs, you can remove the crab meat. Crab shells that are eaten clean are complete and translucent;


8. Cut the crab legs into three pieces with scissors, and the toes of the last crab can be used as tools. First use the thin end of the crab toes to poke out the meat in the middle of the crab legs, and then use the thick end to poke out the meat in the front of the crab legs;


9. Divide the crab claws into three sections. The first two sections can be cut directly from the crab shell, and the meat can be scooped out with a spoon. For the last pliers, the trick is to cut the two sides, and then use your hands to break the two pliers legs in the opposite direction, and the pliers shell will be completely separated;


10. Although the crab shells eaten in this way may not be able to completely reassemble the shape of a crab, they are laid out neatly and there is no trace of meat left. After eating the crab shells, wash your hands, drink a cup of warm ginger tea, eat a hairy crab in one meal, and feel full.

Follow the above steps to practice many times and become a crab master, immediately buy a few more hairy crabs and go home to practice

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