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簡單健康食譜 - 超級食物可可香蕉乳酪Smoothie

Simple Healthy Recipe - Superfood Cocoa Banana Cream Cheese Smoothie

Cocoa Banana Cheese Smoothie

Short Video Tutorial Link - Click Me!


1. Unsweetened Oat Milk - 200ml

2. Unsweetened Greek cheese - 2 tbsp

3. Organic cocoa powder - as needed

4. Banana - 1 piece

5. (*If available) Collagen Powder - 5g

Cocoa - actually a superfood!

It contains almost twice the antioxidant power of red wine, three times that of green tea, and even better than blueberries!

And cocoa is rich in flavonols, which can help improve the blood circulation of the skin, so as to smooth the skin and strengthen the skin's moisturizing ability~

In addition to its super high antioxidant function, cocoa can protect the cardiovascular system and is also good for brain health.

Banana - the first choice for a full stomach!

Add the common and easy-to-take bananas. In addition to increasing the feeling of fullness, bananas are rich in pectin, which belongs to water-based dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and absorb intestinal waste to accelerate defecation. It can also adjust and delay gastric emptying, and Prevent rapid rise in blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol.

Cheese - an anti-aging must-have!

The effect of cheese is not only helpful for slimming and anti-aging, but also a natural anti-inflammatory food.

Unsweetened Oat Milk

Oatmeal can help lower cholesterol and improve constipation.

Anti-aging and anti-oxidation! Helps Digestive Tract Health! A cup is simple, healthy and easy to make (⁎˃ᆺ˂)